Behind The Spoon


PTBO Cooks is the brainchild of a Chef and her 2 foodie friends who love creating and trying new recipes, sharing their knowledge and who never take themselves too seriously.

Together they crafted a series of fun, but informative workshops that teach how to create delicious, budget conscious meals that answer the dreaded question:  "What are we having for supper ? "

Whether as a team building exercise, a date night adventure or just a little bit of self love the workshops welcome cooks of all levels and expertise and offer a wide range of classes sure to interest any foodie or would be foodie.

So grab your oven mitts and join the fun ! 

 We can't wait to share our kitchen with you ! 


A Chef & Two Foodie Friends


Tracey Ormond

Hi !   I am Tracey Ormond; Chef and owner  of "That's a Wrap Catering Peterborough Inc."


1. What is my experience in the kitchen ? 

I watched my grandma from a very young age, I started cooking with my mom when I was about 7 and I got involved in the food industry over 30 years ago


2. What is my favorite meal? 

I love a great stir fry on the spicy side


3. What is my favorite thing to cook or to bake?


I love to cook beef tenderloin- to bake my moms shortbread or her fudge.


4.  What is my "secret ninja skill"?


  Making beer bread


5.  What are you excited about for these workshops ?

I'm excited to share "AHA"  moments with our clients.  I remember the first time I made a perfect prime Rib.  I was so excited and inspired.  I want everyone to have a moment like that.  


Tiffany Arcari

I am the grandaughter of Carmella and Dominic Arcari, who immigrated to Canada from a village in Italy called Sepino.


I am a dog lover, food LOVER and local lover!  In 2004 I found myself in Peterborough, I came for Fleming College, I stayed for the charm and love of the community. With my Italian roots and lots of time spent in the kitchen with Nonna, I have a natural passion for good tasting food. I know that garlic, salt and seasoning can only be measured with your heart. 


1. What is my experience in the kitchen ?


I am no professional chef, but I do consider myself a professional eater and I know GOOD FOOD.

I grew up in the kitchen cooking, learning and absorbing from my Nonna, Father and step mother. My childhood was full of gnocchi, homemade wine and freshly cured prosciutto from the cellar. 


2. What is my favourite meal ?



3. What is my favourite thing to cook ?


Turkey Dinner


4. What is my "Secret Ninja skill" ? 


I can sing, I used to compete and my genre was Musical Theatre. 


5. What are you most excited about with these workshops ?

I am excited to share my love, excitement and passion for food! 


Heather Doughty

Hi Foodies ! 

I am a local gal; raised in rural Peterborough County where kitchens and food were a central element not only to family life but the community.

I am an animal lover, mom, nana, photographer with a hippie soul. 

1. What is my experience in the kitchen?

I have been cooking or baking for as long as I can remember.   I learned from my mom; who is an amazing baker; but also from the many rural women who took immense pride in the food they created.  They taught me a kitchen table is a more than a piece of furniture you eat on;  it is where the heart of a family lives. 

2. What is my favorite meal ? 

Roasted turkey dinner with my mom's refrigerator rolls and chocolate pie for dessert.

3. What is my favorite thing to bake ? 

I love to bake Chelsea Buns and Chocolate Chip Cookies

4. What is my "Secret Ninja skill" ?

I can sew ( I used to have an online business) and I can do macrame

5. What are you most excited about with these workshops ?

I am excited to share the love of food and the community it creates .